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Breakfast and dinner will be lovingly supplied to you by our onsite caterers during your corporate glamping experience, who will have prepared a menu with locally-sourced ingredients to make a range of delicious meals for you, ready to pre-book in advance.


We always love taking a walk to a local pub for a spot of lunch so we’ve not included that meal for you to allow you the flexibility to make your own plans but if you need to use the time to get your teams strategising then a  working lunch can be added to your booking via the Kymani Conierge app. 


If your team is in the mood to celebrate in style, we can also arrange a truly unique dinner for you - get in touch and we can have a chat to see how we can give your colleagues the treat they deserve. Fancy a midsummer supper in The Meadow? No problem! Banquet in the Enchanted Forest? Sounds good! We would love to plan it for you. 

Corporate Glamping Tailored To You

Instead of stopping off at the local supermarket and hastily grabbing some un-chilled wine, you could instead arrive onsite with a pre-stocked bar of all of your favourite tipples. We can arrange all of that for you - just let us know via the app what you fancy and it will be there waiting for you ready to serve yourselves. If you want to make your evening really special, get in touch and we can discuss adding in a cocktail party with a full staff, or maybe a wine expert to pair your wines to your meals. Whatever you fancy, we can do it.